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*All trading carries risk.

Bitcoin Lifestyle App Features

Easy to use Platform

Bitcoin Liestyle app is developed with the complete beginner in mind. Bitcoin Lifestyle comes with a clean user interface and a layman’s guide to setting it for trading. The trading system conducts all trading research and order execution automatically. This means that you don’t need any skills to trade with us.

Powerful AI algorithms

We are top-rated by most of our clients, with the majority reporting generating wealth through our system. Bitcoin Lifestyle app utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to identify tradable opportunities from breaking news and celebrity sentiments. Our algorithms are superfast and highly accurate.

Fast Withdrawals

You don’t have to wait for days for your funds to reflect in your bank account after the withdrawal. We have agreed with our partner brokers to facilitate transactions within five working hours after the withdrawal request. You have up to ten free withdrawals each month. Please note that you can only withdraw through the method used to deposit

Why Trade with Bitcoin Lifestyle App?

Bitcoin Lifestyle app offers an easy, safe, and highly profitable way to trade bitcoin. With us, you get exposure to highly volatile bitcoin CFDs pairs such as BTC/USD and BTC/BCH. Our trading system applies the scalping technique to place multiple trades each minute.

Our system is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to conduct technical and fundamental analysis at a high win rate. Experts rate us as the best News and Sentiment driven trading robot for 2021. Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) driven algorithms can study billions of web-pages per minute to identify volatility triggering news.

Bitcoin Lifestyle is extremely profitable, with a daily profitability rate of up to 80%. Compounding the daily profits of a USD250 account could turn you into a millionaire in a few months of high volatility trading. Trading with us is easy since you only need to follow our layman’s trading guide to set your account and start a live session.

Trade up to 50 Highly Volatile Crypto CFDs Pairs at a Leverage of up to 5000:1

Frequently Asked Questions

1 Is Bitcoin Lifestyle scam true or it is safe?

It is safe .We have committed to measures that ensure data safety and deposit protection. These include encrypting our platforms with the best technologies and partnering with regulated brokers.

2 Is Bitcoin Lifestyle profitable?

Our trading system offers the most profitable way to invest in bitcoin in 2021. A lot of individual consumer reviews out there claim that we are highly profitable. We are also highly rated by experts on several high traffic crypto publications.

3 How much does Bitcoin Lifestyle cost?

We are currently offering a few free signup opportunities. Try your luck by filling the signup page above. Keep trying if not successful on the first attempt.

4 Does Bitcoin Lifestyle charge hidden fees?

We have published all our pricing information in the trading resources section. We do not charge any fees apart from a 2% commission on profits earned through our platform. You don’t pay a dime if you are unprofitable.

5 How do I download the Bitcoin Lifestyle App?

You can download our trading app from the trading resources page. We will also share the download link through email immediately after signup. The trading app is hybrid and works on both iOS and Android devices.

6 How do I withdraw profits from Bitcoin Lifestyle?

We allow our users up to ten free withdrawals each month. Any withdrawal after the tenth one attracts a 1% fee. Fill the withdrawal form and wait for up to 5 hours for the transaction to reflect on your bank account. Withdrawals through Skrill, WebMoney, and Neteller may take longer.

An In-depth Look into Bitcoin Lifestyle

How to trade with Bitcoin Lifestyle app?

Bitcoin Lifestyle offers an easy way to trade bitcoin. With us, you don’t need to spend countless hours analyzing market data for trading signals.This is because our AI-driven trading bot conducts all trading research and order implementation for you.

Bitcoin Lifestyle operates globally with a presence in over 120 countries. We should be available in your country if you can access this website without a VPN. You can start making money with Bitcoin Lifestyle right away by following the steps below.

1) Register: Sign up for free on this website and complete the registration by submitting verification documents through the assigned broker.

2) Deposit $250: Use the assigned broker to fund your Bitcoin Lifestyle account with as little as USD250. You can invest more money or plough back all daily profits for fast growth.

3) Demo Trading: Familiarize yourself with our platform through our top-rated demo trading platform. The platform runs on historical data and hence perfectly simulates live trading.
4) Live Session: Open a live session and let Bitcoin Lifestyle run for up to 8 hours daily without interruption. You can continue with your day to day activities as the trading system works for you.

Bitcoin Lifestyle Review Verdict!

We are a reputable and safe auto-trading platform with tens of thousands of users in over 120 countries.

Bitcoin Lifestyle is equipped with standard encryption measures and adheres to strict data privacy policies. Moreover, Bitcoin Lifestyle app operate under the best brokers in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America.
These brokers adhere to strict regulatory guidelines to ensure that our client’s funds are safe. We are a high return, high-risk auto-trading system powered by the best of AI technologies. You could become rich by investing in bitcoin through our trading platform.

But even so, we aren’t entirely risk-free. You could lose your invested capital, especially if you do not follow our trading guide to the letter. We strongly encourage our users to diversify their investment portfolios. High-risk investments such as Bitcoin Lifestyle should not take most of your savings.

You could generate fortunes with us by investing as little as USD250. Do not trade with an amount you can’t afford to lose.

What is Bitcoin Lifestyle?

Bitcoin Lifestyle is a powerful AI-driven computer program for automated bitcoin CFDs trading. We offer the best trading algorithms to help our users capitalize on even the slightest crypto volatility.

We have made the trading process quite easy, and therefore, complete beginners can hit the home run with us from the first minute of trading. Bitcoin Lifestyle has helped thousands of users gain financial freedom through crypto trading.

You can try us for free by creating an account on this page. Bitcoin Lifestyle offers leveraged volatility trading. This form of trading is risky, and it’s advisable to only trade with what you can afford to lose.

Bitcoin Lifestyle Review – Key points

We offer a powerful trading platform equipped with the best of trading strategies. Here are some points to note about our trading system.

  • Bitcoin Lifestyle applies the scalping technique to make profits from small price movements. This trading technique involves placing up to 100 small trades per minute
  • Our clients enjoy trading leverage of up to 5000:1 as provided by our partner brokers. The high level of leverage magnifies any trading outcome, whether positive or negative.
  • You could earn up to $1 million with Bitcoin Lifestyle if you can reinvest at least 50% of the daily profits. However, we do not guarantee profitability. You should also be mentally prepared for losses.
  • Our trading system makes the entire bitcoin trading process easy and fun. We also offer the most profitable way to trade crypto in 2020.
Bitcoin Lifestyle and Celebrities

Bitcoin is rising exponentially as more and more celebrities continue to share their positive sentiments.

Its volatility is tied to these sentiments, with some celebrities Tweets pushing prices up by over 300% daily. Bitcoin Lifestyle algorithms are equipped with strategies to trade the volatility resulting from celebrity sentiments.

Sentiment-driven trading involves identifying social media posts and placing bets based on how they will affect market volatility. Below are some notable people driving bitcoin volatility in 2021.

Elon Musk Bitcoin – Elon Musk is a renowned entrepreneur and the world richest man. He is a lover of blockchain and crypto and always posts positive Tweets about it. Elon Musk Bitcoin Tweets are a major driver of crypto volatility.
Paris Hilton Bitcoin – This American media personality and businesswoman is also very vocal about cryptos. Her sentiments on bitcoin also have a huge impact on volatility.
Mike Tyson – Mike Tyson has also been vocal about bitcoin with his sentiments driving BTC prices by about 50%.

Our trading system studies billions of celebrity social media posts each minute to identify those with a huge impact on bitcoin volatility.

Bitcoin Lifestyle doesn’t accept liability for actions taken on this page. Read the terms and conditions and privacy policy of the assigned broker before signing up.